About Dr. Yashari

Dr. Yashari graduated with honors from UC Berkeley with a bachelor of arts in psychology. Prior to entering medical school, she received a Summer Intramural Research Training Award Fellowship from the National Institutes of Health. She then attended the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University in Israel, where she graduated with honors. She pursued her psychiatric training through a residency at Harbor UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles.  During her residency, she co-founded and led the Women’s Wellness Group. In addition to her private practice, she has been a volunteer clinical faculty member at UCLA, where she teaches and supervises residents at the Women’s Life Clinic. She also serves on the health advisory committee for the Ladies Home Journal magazine. 

Dr. Yashari believes in providing a safe, non-judgmental space where patients can look closely at themselves, honestly and authentically, in an effort to improve their internal emotional quality of life.

Please contact Dr. Yashari at (310) 857-8240 with any questions and/or to schedule an appointment.